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Automatic diagnostic scan tools

The dashboard of your car or truck on the "check engine" warning light electronic control module to report any mechanical parts of the vehicle at any time. The "check engine" light is the signal of the owners of their vehicles, there is a problem and needs repair.

Diagnostic Scan Tool

Diagnostic X431 Diagun scan tool has been used for over 20 years. Before 1996, all the different car manufacturers have their own diagnostic equipment and code, their car is unique. This means that only Ford code reader can read Ford's error code. Most of the readers of the code owners and many repair shops is terribly expensive, and sometimes spend more than $ 2,000, applies only to some cars. In 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has decided that all cars and trucks sold in the United States must share the same common computer interface, and D, in turn, use the same computer diagnostic equipment. Thus, the current code system was born.


The second version of the on-board diagnostic systems, the OBD II, was found in the United States since 1996, the production of cars and trucks. Electronic systems and sensors for your car or truck, all vehicles powertrain control module (PCM), which is run on the vehicle computer. PCM detected hundreds of sensors and components, monitor or control any problems, it will trigger the "check engine" light, otherwise the fault indicator. The computer also recorded in its memory fault, correspond directly to the error code. OBD II standard system, you can BDMATE OM520 scan the code and retrieve any of the OBD II diagnostic scanner.

The scan code

OBD II code reader is relatively cheap and widely used. The cheapest model, most auto parts stores sell dollars, $ 20 and $ 40. The auto parts stores also typically offer free VCX NANO diagnostic scanning services, if you drove to their location. The scanner will be connected to the PCM and the car will be error-code scanning. Code reader, may find one or more of the code.

Read the error code

Error code to the generic and manufacturer-specific format. The easiest way to determine what the error code to see if it is connected to what part of the common code list. The meaning of these error codes list in your local part store and on the Internet, the basic meaning of the code, your readers, if you buy one.